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Are you trying to learn American Sign Language?

Are you a hearing person just looking to learn a new language?

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Do you have someone close to you who would benefit from you learning ASL?

Are you, yourself, audibly impaired?

There are many reasons that people decide to learn another language, both for the benefit of others and for the benefit of self.

American Sign Language is an underrated but excellent choice for anyone looking to learn another language. While its popularity among the hearing has grown, many people tend to take Spanish, German, or French as a second language in school.

The world, the culture, the beliefs of American Sign Language are all rich in diversity. Learning the language can help you unlock all of that.

Or perhaps you are already in the process of learning ASL. That is wonderful! But then…why are you here?

Maybe you’ve hit a snag. Maybe you’re struggling with a concept. Maybe you just think a tutor could help enrich your learning even more.

Whatever the reason you have found yourself here, a tutor can be a fantastic resource for you to utilize.

What Does an American Sign Language Tutor Do?

Hold onto you keyboards and touchscreens, this may shock you: tutors tutor.

In all seriousness, though, tutors are going to do what they can to help you. If this means sitting and practicing conversation with you, that’s what they’ll do. If it means working with some sort of curriculum or textbook, you can find a tutor to help you that way, too.

A tutor can only help you with what they think you might need assistance with unless you give them specifics.

Where Can You Find an American Sign Language Tutor?

Since you’ve found your way here, you’re probably on the right track.

Tutors for learning American Sign Language can be found online pretty effortlessly. Now, whether or not they’re available is a whole other story. Be specific with you search parameters or you might end up not getting the results you want.

If you are looking for a little more structure but yet flexibility, you might be interested in signing up for online lessons. Rocket Language offers lessons on a range of different languages, including American Sign Language.

You can also try your local community center, school, or library to see if there is anyone local you could meet with for tutoring. This could end up being a small group tutoring session, which could be either beneficial or detrimental depending on your needs.

If you know someone personally who speaks ASL, try reaching out to them. Don’t take advantage of them, though. Make sure to pay them. Maybe feed them before or after the lesson. Talk with them and come up and a fair agreement for all. This includes accountability rules.

Are American Sign Language Tutors Expensive?

Honestly, the answer to this question depends on a lot:

  • Where you live
  • The standard rate for ASL tutors, teachers, or interpreters in your area
  • The demand for American Sign Language tutors in your area (supply/demand)
  • Travel time for the tutor
  • Maybe even your ASL skill level

If you are looking for the price you might have to pay, try looking up your local tutors and checking if they list their rates. You would then have your answer!

Of course, life isn’t always that easy.

If you can’t find the pay rate for your local tutors, you could always just reach out to them and ask.

Alternatively, you can check the local hourly rates for ASL teachers and interpreters. While this won’t give you an exact amount for a tutor, it might be able to put you in the ballpark.


Seeking out a tutor for American Sign Language might prove to be difficult, especially if you are looking for a face-to-face arrangement. Because American Sign Language isn’t always the first thought when people are picking a second language, tutors might be scarce.

If after searching and exhausting all available resources for a local tutor, it might be time to consider online learning. By joining a website like Rocket Languages, you can gain access to the resources you need to succeed.

Once you get past this point and become fluent in American Sign Language, consider becoming a tutor, interpreter, or teacher. Maybe you can help the next you, the next person in your area looking for some help with American Sign Language.

Our Top Pick For Learning ASL

Learn American Sign Language!

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